Panasonic BT-LH2600W 25"

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Panasonic’s BT-LH2600W is a true 16:9 widescreen 26" HD monitor designed for broadcast and studio applications. Its advanced processing technology reproduces images with color and contrast qualities once found only in CRT monitors. The BT-LH2660W is capable of displaying all the HDTV formats and frame rates, as well as being NTSC and PAL systems compatible. Advanced features include Pixel-to-Pixel technology and embedded audio tools.

True 16x9 format aspect ratio with 1366 x 768 resolution (new)

Audio level meters superimposed and see through - up to eight channels from HD-SDI (new)

Embedded audio capability now built-in as standard equipment (new)

80% of 4x3 safety marker can now be seen in 16x9 mode (new)

"Pixel to Pixel" mode for 720 or 1080 HD signals for critical focusing (new)

26" diagonal yields four 13" pictures when used with a quad splitter (new)

High-speed response -- no blurring during pans thanks to our overdrive circuit (exclusive)

Industry's lowest delay image processing circuit -- new I/P conversion algorithm converts interlaced signals to progressive signals with minimal delay (exclusive),

Waveform monitor -- a superimposed function that graphically displays luminance levels from -5 IRE to 108 IRE in any of the monitor's four corners (exclusive)

Freeze frame - frame grab for image comparison / analysis (entire frame or center) (exclusive)

Split screen function for critical color matching (live input vs. freeze frame) (exclusive)

Two SD/HD-SDI auto sensing inputs with one active thru-out

Frame marker lines (4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1) with side panel shading at 0%, 50%, or 100%

Five function buttons (user-defined) can be set to WFM, Blue Only, H/V Delay, "Pixel to Pixel", Monochrome, Aspect ratio, Gamma select, Auto-setup, Scan, and 2/4/8 audio level meters

Faithful color reproduction -- closely matches chromaticity of CRT monitors

Diagonal Line Compensation smoothes out "jaggies" for improved SD response -- new algorithm reduces picture degradation to near zero in vertical direction, detects correlation of diagonal direction, and minimizes aliasing that causes degradation in the moving picture

176 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle

CineGamma compensation - expressly for VariCam FILM-REC monitoring

One-piece design - no umbilical cord or separate AC power supply

Component input on BNC connectors - Y, Pb, Pr, PC RGB inputs and composite & Y/C

Amplified stereo speakers (two RCA pin jacks input or embedded audio on SD/HD-SDI included)

Color temperature selection (D9300K / D6500K / D5600K / user adjustable)

2.35:1 anamorphic mode for viewing 16:9 cameras with anamorphic lens adapter

GPI and RS-232C ports for external control

Menu can be positioned in five different screen locations

Menu control of built-in fan

Preset/manual video control adjustments with indicator lights for non-unity settings

Three level tally lamp (red, green or amber)

Package Contains:
Power Cord
Power Cord Hook
Table Top Stand
AKS Hard Case