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  • The RED Electronic Viewfinder [EVF] is a CCIR709 8-bit color 1280 x 848 4:4:4 viewfinder that interfaces with the camera via a proprietary 17-pin 0B LEMO connector. The viewfinder has a tally light that can be enabled or disabled via software.

    The viewfinder displays the captured image along with look around, frame line overlays and status indicators. While the resolution is 1280 x 848, the image display is 720p. The extra pixels are saved for status indicators above and below the image. The EVF can also display the focus assist, waveform monitors, histogram, false color exposure indicator, zebra exposure lines and potentially SMPTE bars, luminance ramp, chroma ramp or chip chart. It also displays the menu system when it is activated; as well playback when the camera is playing back completed takes.

    The EVF's diopter can be focused to the user's eye. The three buttons and knob on the side will be user assignable in the future, but currently the user key closest to the focus ring is used to select the Focus Mode [which magnifies the central region of the camera's subject area by a factor of 2x]. Future firmware updates will enhance EVF interface functionality.

    The viewfinder mounts to the camera body or RED RAIL system via the RED ARM. The EVF has four ¼-20 threaded mounting points that allow it to be attached to the RED ARM in different places, depending on the desired setup.

    Package Contains:
    RED Arm
    RED EVF Cable