Radiant Images to Showcase Customized Mini Technocrane and Super Techno at J.L. Fisher Event on Saturday

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Digital cinema innovator will also share expertise and feature other custom gear, including cameras, lenses, rigs and accessories, at May 18 event in Burbank

The team at Radiant Images, a leading L.A.-based rental house and digital cinema innovator, will showcase customized cranes – the Mini Technocrane and the Super Techno – at the annual J.L. Fisher event on Saturday, May 18, in Burbank.

Visitors to the Radiant Images (www.radiantimages.com) tent can also get a closer look at some of the latest advancements in digital cinema, including the new Novo camera, the CC3D lightweight rig and other 2D & 3D gear and accessories. In addition, Radiant’s team of experienced rental agents will join the company’s technicians, led by co-founder Michael Mansouri, at the event.

Radiant Images showcasing customized cranes at annual J.L. Fisher event May 18 in Burbank The eighth J.L. Fisher, SOC, ICB & ASC Annual Mixer is set for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday (May 18) at J.L. Fisher, 1000 West Isabel St. in Burbank. The free event provides film industry professionals with an opportunity to learn about new products and techniques from top suppliers throughout the region.

“We really look forward to participating in this event as it provides us with the ability to meet one-on-one with people in a relaxed setting,” Mansouri said. “This year we’re excited to showcase our cranes, which have been customized to best serve our client needs. We encourage everyone to stop by Saturday for a closer look.”

Its one-of-a-kind, compact Mini Technocrane 6-12 was built specially for Radiant Images and is ideal for small spaces and interior shooting with a fully retracted position of 6 feet and the ability to fully extend from the center column to reach a total length of 12 feet. The custom Mini Technocrane is outfitted with a Talon remote head and reaches a maximum lens height of 14 feet.

Radiant Images displaying custom Mini Technocrane and Super Techno at J. L. Fisher event May 18 in Burbank The large telescopic crane, the Supertechno 30, can fully extend to 40 feet with a fully retracted position of 15.5 feet, giving it a telescopic range of 24 feet of traveling distance from the center column. The maximum lens height is 31 feet and the Supertechno 30 is outfitted with a Z Techno remote head.

Radiant Images, which specializes in designing and building custom 2D and 3D cameras and rigs, has built a reputation among DPs and camera operators as a go-to shop for the latest innovations and problem solving. Mansouri said his team focuses on simplicity and ease of use – key factors in the ongoing evolution of digital cinema.

For more information, visit online at www.radiantimages.com. Find Radiant Images on Facebook and Twitter.

J.L. Fisher, a manufacturer of dollies and jib arms, is the host of the annual event, which attracts a wide range of film industry professionals, including DPs, cinematographers, camera operators, 1st ACs, DITs and general camera enthusiasts. The event will include a BBQ lunch and seminars. No RSVP is necessary. Parking is available at neighboring lots on Isabel St. Signs will be posted. For more info, visit http://www.jlfisher.com/2013-Open-House-Flyer.pdf

Mini Technocrance Demo from Radiant Images on Vimeo.

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