Free PRE-NAB Technology Workshop

Radiant Images Hosting Free Pre-NAB 3D Technology Workshop on Friday, April 13

The latest 3D technology will be on display at Radiant Images in Los Angeles on Friday (April 13) at a information-packed, pre-NAB workshop presented by Camadeus Film Technologies. The free event – open to the public – gets underway at 10 a.m. and is expected to end at noon. Radiant Images is located at 4125 W. Jefferson Blvd.

The workshop features Sebastian Cramer, the inventor/designer of the SCREEN PLANE 3D rigs, who will present and explain all features of these innovative beam splitter rigs. Also, Sebastian Lumme of Camadeus will present the complete new line of cmotion lens control systems, designed to work for both 2D and 3D applications.

Following the workshop for local attendees, Camadeus is taking the gear directly to the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas, where it will be showcased in Booth C9638.

“We are doing this workshop before NAB to give people the chance to have an in-depth look at the gear and also some more time to talk to its inventor, Sebastian Cramer, as time at NAB is always limited,” Lumme said.

Radiant Images is the perfect host for the event as the rental house and digital cinema innovator has the largest inventory of 2D and 3D cmotion lens and rig control systems in town, he said.

“We value the input and feedback we are always getting from Radiant and its customers and therefore have chosen them to be our partner to introduce this new line of the 3D systems to the market.” added Lumme.

SCREEN PLANE’s compact multi-purpose Production Rig has been completely redesigned for smaller cameras while still able to handle full-size production cameras like the Alexa and F35. The multi-use rig can handle both high-end primes and compact zoom lenses. The workshop also will include the new Steady-Flex rig, noted for its extremely compact and lightweight design. The Steady-Flex is an ideal new tool for everything from hand-held and steadycam shots to macro photography – making 3D shooting a whole lot easier for use with compact digital cameras like the Epic, SI-2K, Scarlet and upcoming DSLRs.

Attendees also will get an up-close look at the latest cmotion products, featuring lens control systems designed to work for both 2D and 3D applications. cmotion has announced a partnership with ARRI that enables the ARRI Alexa Plus Integration, allowing its hand units to have equal functionality to the ARRI wireless system. Lumme will demonstrate this for attendees along with cmotion’s new camin, named +TC, which will enable recording lens, camera and rig data for each frame on USB memory sticks.

Camadeus also is excited to introduce cworld, which provides fantastic network interface for cmotion devices and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone devices and nearly all other devices available.

“Anybody who is interested in the latest 3D technology is going to enjoy the opportunity see this equipment up close and in action,” Lumme said. “We’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge and talking about this gear in a relaxed setting.”