Mobius POV VR 360

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  • The Mobius is a first of its kind camera system for virtual reality that is able to place the viewers into the body of a character, providing a stunning perspective as they're able to see the hands, arms and body of the performer wearing it.
    For virtual reality producers, Mobius opens new possibilities for storytelling and creates opportunities for exciting action sequences.  The system is composed of seventeen cameras placed strategically around the performers head.  It captures images from all directions and also provides alternate perspectives of the performer which are valuable during the post-production stitching process.  Although the cameras encircle the performer's head, the system is supported on the performer's shoulders, making it comfortable for extended periods and providing an exceptionally stable base for image capture.
    Technical features of Mobius include an integrated power system which powers all the cameras from one body-worn battery and binaural microphones which capture directional sound to enhance the VR experience.  An inertial measurement unit can be added to the system to provide attitude information to post-production.

    Ambisonic or Binaural microphones are recommended for recording audio with 360 degree immersive video.