Camtool Alpha 360

Daily $Weekly $

alpha360The Camtool Alpha 360 VR gimbal is designed specifically for 360 capture stabilization. The Alpha 360 can either be held upright or under-slung for drone or crane mounting.

Mantis Evo 360

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mantis evoThe Mantis 360 Evo by Motion Impossible is the worlds first solution to remotely move and stabilize 360⁰ cameras on the ground. It is a fully modular system that combines with your camera and gimbal to create the ultimate tool for remotely moving and stabilizing your 360 VR camera.

Kenyon Lab KS-4x4 Gyro Stabilizer

Daily $400Weekly $1200

gyro6Designed for slow and deliberate camera moves, the Kenyon 4x4 gyro stabilizer is great for stabilizing cameras shooting from helicopters, aircraft or pole mounted rigs.

Kenyon Lab KS-6x6 Gyro Stabilizer

Daily $550Weekly $1650

gyro6Designed to handle the more difficult assignments, the KS-6 provides almost twice the stabilization of the KS-4. Steady sequences with smooth panning from helicopters, boats or any moving vehicle is now a possibility.