Movi M10 Cinema Bundle

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  • With a savings of $600, the Movi M10 Cinema Bundle gives you all the accessories you need to redefine the possibilities for camera movement. We have customized the Movi by shaving off weight with lighter cables, integrating wireless HD video and wireless focus control. The Movi can be used with
  • MOVI Cinema Bundle Package:
    • 1 x MOVI M10 3-axis gimbal (supports up to 12 pounds)
    • 4 x MOVI 2.6Ah 14.8V 4S LiPo Batteries
    • 1 x Electronic Battery Gage
    • 2 x Balance charger
    • 2 x Ultra thin HDMI cables
    • 2 x Ultra thin 3G-SDI cables
    • 1 x TV Logic 5.6 HD Monitor
    • 1 x Radiant custom hard mount for battery plate
    • 1 x Cmotion 2 channel wireless follow focus
    • 1 x Radiant custom hard mount for 2 channel FIZ
    • 1 x Teradek Bolt Pro 3G-SDI TX
    • 1 x Radiant battery plate for on board accessories
    • 1 x Radiant power junction box
    • 4 x Sony BPU60 battery
    • 2 x Sony BCU2 battery charger
    • 1 x Spektrum DX7s R/C transmitter with Secraft TX FPV tray
    • 1 x Android tablet with Freefly Configurator app
    • 1 x Small HD AC7 OLED hi-bright monitor w/sun hood
    • 2 x Teradek Bolt Pro 3G-SDI RX Multi Receiver
    • 2 x House of Power batteries
    • 1 x House of Power charger

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