Preston Single Channel

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  • The Focus/Iris (F/I) unit is a wireless, single channel control. It can be used with the FI+Z system to take over the Iris or Focus function from the FI+Z Hand unit. When the F/I unit is powered, the FI+Z motor driver recognizes its presence and gives it control of either the Focus or Iris function of the FI+Z Hand unit as selected by the user.

    The Focus/Iris unit can also be used with the single channel V+F Lens Module (p/n 4050) to control a single DM-1X or DM-2 digital motor. Together they form a complete, single channel lens drive system with camera run functions. 

    Additionally, this unit can also be used in conjunction with the Radio Dimmer unit (p/n 5010) to control both LED Eye-Lights as well as Kino Flo lamps.

    The module has a bright LED bargraph display of lens position. End limits can be set with the touch of a button and are shown as illuminated bars. A tri-color LED is used to indicate signal strength. Additional LED displays show the radio channel, power /battery status, and camera run/stop indication.

    A soft urethane grip makes for comfortable operation and solid ergonomics. Marking discs slide over the knob onto an index pin. Power is provided by a FM-50 Li-Ion battery, allowing for approximately 8 hours of operation.


    Size:155mm x120mm x 71mm ( 6.7" x 4.7" x 2.8" )
    Weight: .66kg (24 oz)
    Typical operating time: 8 hours
    Battery Type 7.4V 1.6AH (FM50 enhanced type)
    Charger: Sony BC-VM50 with US standard line plug. Operating voltage 100 ­ 240 VAC.
    Charge time: 4.5 Hours
    Antenna: Integral type
  • PrestonSingleChannelFocusIrisKit

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