Uncompressed RAW Novo 2K Camera Being Unveiled at Cine Gear by Radiant Images - NoFilmSchool

Radiant Images, a rental house based in LA, but with other locations around the country, introduced a modified GoPro HERO3 a few months ago called the Novo. Developed with help from View Factor, the modification introduced interchangeable lenses and manual exposure options to the tiny compact camera. Now, at the Cine Gear Expo event in Hollywood, Radiant is introducing a brand new Novo that is capable of shooting uncompressed 2K RAW images.
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A Novo that Shoots Uncompressed RAW - 3DGuy.TV

“We feel like we’re moving in the opposite direction of where everybody else is going with digital cinema,” Mansouri said. “At Radiant Images, we’re lasered in on simplicity in design and operation, ease of use, small form factor, versatility. It’s a new language of cinema and we are helping artists express themselves and achieve their vision with these new, uncomplicated tools.” 
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Radiant Images to Unveil Novo 2K – a Novo that Shoots Uncompressed RAW – at Cine Gear Expo - Sound & Picture

Radiant Images is focused on simplicity and ease of use in its digital cinema creations, which are attracting attention from a loyal and growing number of cinematographers, camera operators and producers. Co-founder Michael Mansouri and his team are known to stretch the boundaries of digital cinema with creative, user-friendly solutions – specializing in designing and building custom 2D and 3D rigs as well as modifying cameras and gear.
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Stellar Shots with the Radiant Images Novo Pocket Camera - StupidDope.com

Smaller cameras have become a popular item for filming. Given the space or lack there of during certain situations, a smaller high quality camera makes shooting certain scenes possible. The GoPro Hero3 was a popular choice for most. Radiant Images decided that if it created an enhanced and smaller version is the Hero3, it would be a huge success. Well, they were right.
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The Novo is As Small as a GoPro But Takes C Mount Lenses - The Phoblographer

NAB 2013 is showing us lots of cool stuff – and the latest is the Novo from Radiant Images. Specifically being marketed as taking away lots of the limitations that a GoPro has, the Novo also will use C-Mount lenses...Beyond that, you can take off the auto-exposure function because you can adjust the aperture of the lens manually. Radiant Images also will unveil brand-new accessories available for the camera, including a wireless follow-focus system and a wireless video solution.
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Radiant Images Assists IMAX 3D Documentary - P3 Update Magazine

Cinematographer Reed Smoot, ASC recently finished shooting Panama: A Land Divided, a World United, an IMAX 3D documentary about the Panama Canal that’s scheduled for release in 2014. For the project, the DP used a 3D rig provided by Radiant Images, featuring a modified CC3D Gen 2 rig and twin Sony F65 digital cameras, to capture some of the doc’s most challenging shots. Radiant Images customized the two 3D rigs with full-sized production cameras while keeping them light and well-balanced enough for Smoot to use them in a variety of ways.  
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GoPro 3 Black Gets Turned into a Camera that Every Cinematographer Wants - Definition Magazine

A newly released digital cinema camera called the Novo is designed to provide filmmakers with the power and versatility of the GoPro Hero3 but with fewer cinematic limitations. The Novo, engineered and created by View Factor Studios, is available for rental exclusively at Radiant Images.  This story includes audio of interview with Radiant Co-Founder Michael Mansouri, who discusses the creation of the Novo and its technical advantages for filmmakers and also talks about Radiant Images' role in End of Watch, which utilized Radiant's Nano camera - another palm-sized digital cinema camera. 
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"Panama: A Land Divided, a World United" is Produced for IMAX 3D - Stereoscopy News

Shooting in 3D is not simple. Shooting in IMAX 3D is more difficult. But shooting in IMAX 3D with a pair of heavy Sony F65 cameras on a Steadicam is really tricky, even for the experimented Scott Hoffman...Radiant Images technicians were able to find solutions to make the F65s less intimidating. They fitted them on the new CCD3D Gen-2 motorized stereoscopic 3D rig designed by Marty Mueller of Converging Concepts 3D.
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The Novo Micro Digital Cinema - P3 Update Magazine

For many filmmakers and cinematographers, it’s a dream to have a digital-cinema camera offer the image quality from a full-sized studio camera and the mobility of a palm-sized spy camera....Fortunately, View Factor Studios recently introduced a new palm-sized camera to the market. The Novo formally debuted on February 22 and, unlike many other micro HD cameras, it’s available as a rental-only product exclusively at Radiant Images.
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Bad Boyz: The Making of End of Watch - ICG Magazine

More than 20 years ago, the non-scripted reality series COPS introduced the video camcorder to primetime TV. Many scripted police procedurals that followed – Homicide, The Wire, CSI, The Shield, Cold Case, and NCIS – have, to some degree, embraced COPS’ cinéma vérité approach to better echo the gritty lives of their characters. But they’ve all stopped short of replicating its slapdash, amateur quality, electing to keep some veneer of professional production values. End of Watch, directed by David Ayer and photographed by Roman Vasyanov, has no fear of crossing that line.
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Cine Gear Expo Opens Today in Hollywood - Studio Daily

If it's June, it must be time for Cine Gear Expo. Now in its 16th year, the show brings together vendors of motion-picture cameras and a wide-variety of gear related to cameras and the art and science of image making...Here's a round-up of the news about the gear that will be on display and other happenings.
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GoPro Hero 2 Goes Pro - 3DGuy.TV

It’s no surprise with the soon to be released upgrade for the GoPro Hero2 that many are getting ready with new after market upgrades to this amazing little camera. And I call it little only referring to its size, certainly not its capabilities.
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Camera Maker Has New Takes on Action Scenes - Los Angeles Business Journal

With digital filming the new norm for action flicks, Michael Mansouri has found an opportunity to build and rent custom rigs for directors experimenting with filming techniques.
The co-founder of L.A. camera house Radiant Images said the instant feedback of digital filming has emboldened some directors to experiment with unusual camera to achieve unique perspectives.
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Five State of the Art 3D Camera Rig Systems - Electric TV

At the 3D Entertainment Summit 2011 in Hollywood, Nick Lantz from Radiant Images shows us five of the company's latest 3D camera systems. Radiant Images provides leading-edge, high-end digital cinema technology and support to the film and entertainment industry worldwide.
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Radiant Images: Uncomplicated 3D - IndieFilm3D

Breaking into the New Wave of the 3D market has been a good business step in the right direction for the past three to five years. All the camera manufacturers have done it, many filmmakers and producers have pushed it and played with it, and of course, the audiences have paid for it.
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J.L. Fisher Mixes It Up - P3 Update Magazine

J. L. Fisher recently held its 6th Annual Mixer & BBQ Lunch at its facility in Burbank, Calif.  “Having the open house at J. L. Fisher [allows] our customers and future customers to see our facility and just what we do,” says J. L. Fisher's Frank Kay. “There is over 50 years of history to this company, and much of that is seen on the tour," he notes. "Many people are surprised to see that we manufacture [a majority] of the components for the dollies, jib arms, accessories, sound booms and bases.”
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Camera Outlook 2011 - Post Magazine

Known for offering full solutions from preproduction to post, HD Camera Rentals is a rental house and consultant whose credits include Iron Man 2 and 127 Hours, as well as the 3D features Formula One, Spiders 3D, Universal Soldier 3D, Jumbotron content for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the Red Bull 3D TV experience.
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