Digital Forecast Bridge M

Daily $100Weekly $300

bridge-mThe Bridge M converts SDI signals to HDMI. It can output to HDMI, SDI and Composite to 3 devices at the same time.

MIO MVS-4HDMI Multi Viewer

Daily $275Weekly $825

quad-viewerThe MIO MVS-4HDMI Multi-Viewer with DVI Output from Gra-Vue is a compact multi-viewer for video and audio monitoring.

AJA HD5DA 1x4 HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier

Daily $40Weekly $120

aja-hd5da 01The HD5DA 1x4 HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier from AJA accepts an HD-SDI digital video signal and outputs four identical signals for distribution. The input adapts to various formats of HD-SDI automatically.


Daily $50Weekly $150

aja-ha5 01The HA5 converts HDMI to SDI or HD-SDI. Up to eight channels of HDMI audio are embedded into the SD/HD-SDI output allowing a convenient single cable audio/video connection. The HA5 provides two SD/HD-SDI outputs and supports long HDMI cables on the input. The HA5 is useful for connecting HDMI cameras to SD/HD-SDI equipment.

Matrox MC-100 Dual SDI to HDMI for 3G/3D/HD/SD

Daily $75Weekly $225

matrox-mc-100 01The Matrox MC-100 MINI CONVERTER Dual SDI to HDMI for 3G/3D/HD/SD is a video professional’s toolbox that can be used as a HD-SDI switcher, a distribution amplifier, a multiplexer, and a 3D processing unit to monitor, distribute, switch, multiplex, and process 3D content in real time.


Black Voo-Doo Converter

Daily $150Weekly $450

black-voo-doo 01Created exclusively for Radiant Images, this converter features HDMI input to dual HD-SDI outputs, a convenient tool for DSLR cinematography. 

Doremi DVI to SDI

Daily $150Weekly $450

doremi 01The DSDI-20 is a high quality compact video converter that converts DVI to high definition or standard definition SDI video. A popular application for the DSDI-20 is to convert a computer’s video output to the SDI digital video format so that it can be recorded for later viewing. The DSDI-20’s high resolution HD-SDI output helps to preserve details such as small fonts typical of a computer display.

Blackmagic Design Mini Converter HDMI to SDI

Daily $200Weekly $600

blackmagic 01The Mini Converter HDMI to SDI from Blackmagic Design will accept an HDMI signal and convert it to 2 SDI outputs. You can also choose to embed audio from balanced AES/EBU or analog audio inputs. Use this device to add SDI output to cameras with HDMI connections or add SDI outputs to computers with HDMI or DVI connectors.

REDBYTE Decimator 2 (3G/HD/SD) Down-Converter NTSC/PAL

Daily $75Weekly $225

redbyte-2 01MINIATURE (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to HDMI with De-Embedded Analogue Audio and NTSC/PAL Down-Converted Outputs • Auto detects 3G, HD or SD (26 Formats in total) and can handle switching of synchronous sources • HDMI output -

AJA 3GDA 1x6 Distribution Amplifier

Daily $95Weekly $285

aja-3gda 01The 3GDA is a miniature, low-cost 1x6 3G HD-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI re-clocking distribution amplifier. Featuring six separately buffered SDI outputs, the 3GDA provides automatic input detection, re-clocking and cable equalization.

AJA HD10A Component HD to HD-SDI

Daily $125Weekly $375

aja-hd10a 01The HD10A is an Analog to Digital HDTV signal converter; it accepts a 3-wire Component HDTV analog video signal (and sync) and converts to HD-SDI digital HDTV signal. This unit can also operate as a DA offering 3 identical HD-SDI output signals.


Daily $50Weekly $150

aja-hi5 01The Hi5 HD-SDI/SDI to HDMI Video and Audio Converter from AJA is a device designed to convert SDI or HD-SDI signals to HDMI for driving HDMI monitors. This unit also supports embedded SD/HD-SDI audio in the HDMI output, allowing for a convenient single-cable, audio-video connection.

AJA GEN10 HD/SD Sync Generator

Daily $95Weekly $285

aja-gen10 04The GEN10 is a cost effective and flexible SD/HD/AES sync generator. The GEN10 features 7 outputs including 2 groups of independently controlled SD/HD sync outputs and 1 AES-11 output.

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