Arrisun 575 HMI Par

Daily $145Weekly $435

arrisun-575 01The ARRISUN is a "work horse" on location. Whenever punch or bounce light is required on a set, an ARRISUN is the ultimate answer. For the first time the interaction of lamp, reflector and converter lens was taken into consideration and computer simulated, resulting in unmatched light performance. A wide range of converter lenses ensure maximum beam control in all situations.

K5600 Joker-Bug HMI 800 Light Kit

Daily $225Weekly $675

k5600-joker-bug 01This is a basic K5600 Joker-Bug 800W HMI - 1 Light Kit. After the enormous popularity of the Joker-Bug 200 and 400, the Joker-Bug 800's full f/stop of increased output was a logical progression for K5600.

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