Converging Concepts CC3D Gen-2

Daily $3000Weekly $9000

atom-rig 01The rig uses custom dovetail plates with specialized camera, lens, and lens motor supports to quickly and rigidly mount any camera and lens combination. All camera alignments are motorized, and adjustable with the remote hand control unit allowing lateral, vertical, and angular adjustments to be precisely and easily made.

P+S Technik Freestyle 3D Stereo Rig

Daily $1800Weekly $5400

ps-freestyle 01The brand-new Freestyle Rig is especially designed to offer a maximum of creative choice for camera movement in 3D production.

P+S Technik PS-Micro Rig

Daily $1500Weekly $4500

ps-micro-rig 01The PS­Micro Rig is one of the most compact and lightweight beamsplitter 3D rigs without loosing any features common in larger rigs.

Stereotec Side-by-Side Mini

Daily $375Weekly $1125

stereotec-side-by-side 01Built for small cameras like CUNIMA, ICONIX, MODULA, LMP or  SI-2k small (handheld, steadycam, crane)



3ality Technica Atom

Daily $2500Weekly $7500

atom-rig 01The 3ality Technica Atom is a light weight, 3D camera
platform designed specifically for integrating with the
Red Epic cameras.

3ality Technica Dark Country Mini-Rig

Daily $1500Weekly $4500

dark-country 01The 3ality Technica Dark Country rig, one of the smallest miniature beam splitter rigs available, designed specifically to work with the SI-2K cameras.

3ality Technica Quasar

Daily $2500Weekly $7500

quasar 01The 3ality Technica Quasar offers eight axes of control,
multiple lens options for cinema and broadcast, and
the ability to stand alone or integrate into multicamera production situations.